Service Disclaimer

Upon acceptance of quotations/proposals from Ausum Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning the client understands and agrees to the following:

Payment: All payments are COD, our preferred methods of payment are cash, debit, or credit card. All teams are equipped with secure card accepting devices. Should you prefer to do an EFT we require proof of payment emailed to before close of business the day prior to the appointment. Payments not received within 48 hours of service completion may attract a late penalty of 5% of invoice value compounded daily except for non-private, or corporate clients where payment arrangements have previously been agreed to in writing. All debt recovery costs will be for the clients account.

Cancellation: Any cancellations less than 24 hours prior to scheduled service will be charged for at 50% of the anticipated invoice amount. Should there be no access to the premises on team arrival of scheduled service date 100% of the anticipated invoice amount will be charged. Unreasonable postponements made less than 24 hours prior to scheduled service will incur a R200.00 service charge. This will be at the sole discretion of management.

Latent Defects: We cannot be held liable for any stretching, lifting, shrinkage, or any other form of damage as a result of seen or unseen latent defects of the carpet/fabric itself or of the installation thereof.

Slip & Trip Hazards: Please be careful not to slip when walking from recently cleaned carpet or rugs to hard surfaces. We are not responsible for injuries that might result from slip hazard. You understand we will have several hoses, both large and small, running throughout your home or facility during the cleaning service. We are not responsible for injuries that might result from our hoses, equipment or misplaced furniture being in a walkway.

Permanent Stains: We cannot fully remove paint stains, varnish, dyes, inks, rust, burn stains, or any other substance that is known to cause permanent staining.

Pet Odours & Stains: Pet urine is an issue of the carpet, pad, and subfloor. Cleaning the carpets will not remove pet odours that have penetrated through the carpet backing.

Wicking (Reappearing spots): Wicking is a process where deep set dirt can re-appear on the carpet surface as spots during the drying process, should this occur please make the office aware of this via email within 48 hours and we will arrange a follow up treatment at no additional charge, should this be reported after the 48 hours period we hold no responsibility and any follow up treatments will be invoiced at standard pricing.

Normal wear and tear: While taking every precaution to care for your home, we are not liable for normal wear and tear such as minor stretches, scuffs, lifting, and tears that might result from service.

Loose Area Rugs and Specialised Rugs such as Persian’s, Kilim’s, etc: Ausum cannot be held liable for known or unknown pre-existing defects that exist in rugs or carpets. Shrinkage and colour run/fades may occur in rugs depending on the type and quality, Ausum cannot be held liable for any such occurrence.

Moving Furniture: We do not move heavy furniture, this would include but not be limited to full dressers, china cabinets, large beds, pianos, bookcases, and wall units. Though we take every precaution to safely move your furniture, we are not responsible for damages that might result from moving furniture, whether to your furniture or your home or facility. We also do not move furniture that is used to hold or house electronics such as televisions, radios, computers, telephones, lamps, etc. Please have electronics moved from these types of furniture prior to our arrival if you would like them moved.

Personal Property: Please have small furniture and personal items such as magazines, clothing, kid’s toys, shoes, etc., off the floor unless you do not want the carpet cleaned beneath such items. Personal Items & Items of Value: Prior to our arrival, please have your personal items as well as items of value appropriately stored away. Ausum Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning cannot be held liable for such.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Results: Ausum Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning does not guarantee the complete removal of all soils, spots, and stains from your carpets or upholstery, but we do make every effort to provide the best cleaning experience possible.

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