Residential Spaces
We can remove most of those pesky loose hairs that gather on your couch and our pet specific cleaning chemical breaks the enzymes in the urine and removes the odour.
Residential Spaces
Environmentally conscious, Safety & security.


Residential Spaces

Ausum Carpet & Upholstery services residentias who want to live and work in a healthy environment with a sense of class. Our eco-friendly, pH balanced chemicals guarantee your surfaces remain free of residual chemicals, keeping your environment healthier and looking fab for longer!


Keeping the home presentable

Regular deep cleaning keeps your furniture clean and improves the general aesthetics of your home, it also extends the life of household furniture by removing the fine dust particles. The more dust that accumulates the quicker the fibres will wear down and the sooner you’ll be replacing your furniture.

Environmentally conscious

Our chemicals are eco-friendly, pH balanced and foam free. When we are done your carpets & upholstery are not only clean but free from residual chemicals.

Safety & security

Our team is fully supervised by either owner or manager, we don’t drop our staff members in your home and leave.

quick and convenient

You have a single point of contact from quote to invoice and everything in between, you are always in the loop.

Convenient payment methods, no need to draw cash or add beneficiaries, we accept Visa and MasterCard on site securely through Ikhokha.


stop the sniffles
suffering with Hayfever & Allergies?

Regular professional deep cleaning that is done right removes most airborne irritants that settle in the fibres of carpets & upholstery like pollen and dust.

Mattress cleaning kills mites, bed bugs and removes dead skin cells and other bacteria spores that accumulate over time.

To keep the allergies at bay its recommended that you deep clean your carpets & upholstery every 6 months.

your pride & joy
is our pride and joy!

We have been in the industry for over a decade.

We take a great deal of care when working in your home. Our cleaning process is thorough yet gentle and our staff are careful and considerate in your personal space.

Our cleaning process is safe for Persian rugs, zero shrinkage and colour runs.

Our leather treatment is done by hand. The treatment cleans and conditions your leather furniture pieces which keeps is soft and supply as it should be, our treatment also has a built in UV protector that shields it from sun damage.

hair too much?
Make them part of the family again!

You love your fur-babies and wouldn’t change them for the world you but feel like you’re fighting a loosing battle when it comes to pet hair everywhere and their oopsie poopsies every now and then. We can help you keep your four-legged children more part of the family and less part of the furniture with our neat little pet hair removal tool and enzymatic cleaning chemical. *We can remove most of those pesky loose hairs that gather on your couch and our pet specific cleaning chemical breaks the enzymes in the urine and removes the odour.

*Although we are very confident in our chemicals and processes and have had many brilliant results it is impossible to guarantee removal of all pet hair and odours*

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