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Regular deep cleaning keeps your furniture clean and improves the general aesthetics of your home.


Most frequent questions and answers

With our powerful vacuum motors drying time is minimal, usually between 2- 4 hours. Some of the factors that impact drying time are:

  • Type of material, weave and pile
  • Level of soiling and treatment required
  • Air circulation in the room
  • Humidity Levels

The type of stain, the use of consumer-based stain removers , the length of time it has been there, and the carpet/upholstery fiber all affect stain removal results.

We are able to remove most stains but, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that they will always come out.

We will do what it takes to get the best results without causing damage, chances are if we cant remove the stain, nobody can.

Yes, all of our chemicals are completely safe for pets and children.

In these instances we add a deodorizer to our chemicals that usually neutralizes most odours, however urine in general is the toughest odour to remove so we cannot guarantee complete removal of the smell.

Yes, our teams move most furniture in the room during the cleaning process and we move it back into place before we leave.

There are a few items of furniture we do not move, these include excessively heavy items such as bookcases, wall units, TV stands, showcases, sleigh beds, wardrobes, and pianos.

We also try to avoid moving electronic items like sound systems, and computers.

We do ask you to please move the fragile/breakable items before our arrival and to have the areas free of commonly used items like laundry, shoes, toys, etc.

Items which are flat on the floor need to be removed from the room completely and left out until the carpet is completely dry.

Beds and bedroom furniture that are even slightly raised from the floor can still be moved and cleaned underneath.

Yes definitely!

We have been well trained in cleaning delicate rugs like Persian’s, Kiliams, Turkish and other Oriental rugs.

We use the correct cleaning process and chemicals to ensure that the colours do not run and the carpet does not shrink.

Yes they can still be cleaned. Ausum uses equipment that sprays a fine mist into the carpet and extracts the water (along with the dirt) simultaneously.

We understand the damage water can do to wooden or laminate floors therefore we prefer to take the furniture outside to clean, if that is not possible we do carry clean towels with us which we lay on the floor around the furniture item we are busy cleaning.

Yes, owner supervision is one of our many benefits to you. At any point during the cleaning process either JP, Shelly, or the dynamic duo of them both will be on-site.

All our work is done on a COD basis. We have a Yoco device on-site with us that allows us to accept debit & credit card payments (Visa & MasterCard), alternatively you can pay in cash on the day.

Should you prefer to pay electronically via EFT we require proof of payment by close of business the day before the scheduled appointment.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question about your own circumstances that is not covered here, please reach out to us and we will gladly spend some time with you. Our passion is to help as many people as possible, so your questions are very important to us!


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